We call for researchers to help us decide future developmens. A vote will be opened in Spring 2021. Open topics:
- we discuss the option of including conference papers in section VI
- we discuss the option of using Q ranked papers only in section IX
- we discuss the option of adding a weight to Q ranked papers in section I and II
- we discuss moving psychology from section II to section V or to VIII
- we investigate the option to use the first publication of a researcher as start for the X axis
- we work on a project to evaluate the effects of maternity (please help us by filling out our questionnaire available here, for more information contact munkacsy.gyongyi(at)med.semmelweis-univ.hu)
- we discuss the possibility of accounting for the number of authors on a publication
- we discuss the option of computing a "self-improvement score" reflecting the individual progress as compared to the score of a previous year
- we evaluate the option of providing direct Scopus link for each researcher
2021. March:
- the scientometrics.org portal has been set up
- the first version using the "Publication age" as stating point has been established
- the "Excellence score" has been renamed to "High impact score"
- a March 2021 snapshot of the entire analysis portal has been established
- the algorithm does not freeze any more because of empty XML files
- the download table now also includes the dependent and independent citation counts
2021. February:
- the download table in the Ranks tab now also includes the Excellence publications
- RIS files have been added for each cited reference
2021. January:
- the data processing is now parallelized, which prevents the bug of incorrectly displaying a different downloadable data file in case another process performs computation at the same time
- the calculation of the Excellence publications has been updated to omit filtering based on authorship position in sections I, II, III, and IX
- the complete list of all eligible publications from the last five years included in the analysis is now available for download in the Ranks tab
- URL based automatic processing added to the analysis platform
2020. December:
- we introduced the "Researcher rank", which assigns researchers to deciles (D1-D10, D1 is the best)
- the weight of Excellence publications can be adjusted in the Options menu (default = 4)
- the Ranks tabs shows visually the composition of the final score
- in sections I, II, and IX the reference to the Q ranked publications has been removed from axis titles
2020. November:
- instead of loading pre-computed data for each researcher, the analysis is run in real time using data directly downloaded from the HSWA site (MTMT)
- the anonymized reference databases can be downloaded from the homepage
- in sections I, II, and IX following publications are included: journal article, book, book chapter, conference proceeding, conference abstract, monograph, reference article, reference guide
- the H-index is computed using all citing publications (dependent and independent)
2020. October:
- the reference database was expanded to include 13,700 researchers
- small graphical corrections (e.g. axis titles, text in homepage, downloadable document)
2020. September:
- in sections IV, V, VI, VII, VIII, X, and XI the corresponding author publications are regarded as first/last author publications
- filtering using the PhD date is discontinued
- in sections I, II, III, and IX weighting using the authorship order (first/last) is discontinued
- for first/last publications the divided authorships are also included
- we introduced the "Excellence publications", which includes publications cited in the top 10% within their discipline
- the H-index uses only the independent citations
- in sections I, II, and IX all publications are included in the analysis